Do I Really Need OneDrive?

Nov 24, 2021
By: Apo Ferrer
Do I Really Need OneDrive?

Where is the best place to store digital files? Do you keep them all on your personal computer? In an external hard drive or flash drive? While these are all tried and tested ways to store files, it is best to switch to cloud-based storage like Microsoft OneDrive. But why do you need it if you already have a storage for your files?


In today’s digital era, it is important to have access to your files anytime, anywhere. As mentioned earlier, OneDrive is a cloud-based storage. This allows you to safely store files and data in a remote, server-based storage that is accessible anytime you have an internet connection. This also means you don’t have to use a personal computer to access or download files. OneDrive is also available on mobile or tablet through the App store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). Basically, all you need to access OneDrive is a computer or a mobile phone, an internet connection, and your username and password.

File-sharing and Security

OneDrive allows for easy file sharing which makes it perfect for file collaboration, especially in a time where we have different class or work settings. It’s normal to have classmates or colleagues working onsite while others are working remotely. Regardless of anyone’s location, it is easy to share files in OneDrive and can be as simple as sending the link of the file.

With easy file-sharing, it does not mean OneDrive is easily hacked or accessed by random users. No one can access your files unless you allow them to. Another important factor for file security is making sure to have a strong password. For good password practice, try changing passwords from time to time, make it unique by using combinations of numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters, and don’t use the same password you’re using for your other accounts.


The total storage for OneDrive will depend on your subscription but it is possible to have up to five terabytes (TB) of storage. With that much storage, OneDrive can be used for personal, work, or school. You can have thousands of files ranging from pictures, videos, documents, excel sheets, etc., and still have space for more.

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