5 Microsoft Teams Features for Students

August 12, 2021
By: Apo Ferrer
5 Microsoft Teams Features for Students

With just a few weeks left before the start of classes, here’s hoping you’re ready for a new school year. And since the threat of COVID-19 is still here, here’s hoping you’ve had enough rest from online learning. Since we previously released a “features for teachers” article, here is a similar one for students. Whether it’s your first time or already a pro in using Microsoft Teams, these features will surely help in your online learning experience.

Immersive Reader

This feature is also accessible on other Microsoft Apps but specifically for MS Teams, this can be accessed on the “Chat” tab. This is especially helpful if teachers add long notes in the chat box. With Immersive Reader, students can hear the text read aloud to them. They also have the option to change text preferences (text size, font, spacing, theme) and reading preferences (line focus, translate). Also included are grammar options which allow students to see syllabications and different parts of speech.

To access this feature, simply hover to a specific message, click the ellipsis, and click “Immersive Reader”.

Schedule Meetings

Teachers are not the only ones who can schedule meetings or classes. Students can and will most likely access this feature if they are only meeting among themselves. Yes, students may prefer communicating through group chats. But there will be instances where it’s easier and more efficient to schedule meetings to communicate better. These activities include planning group reports, brainstorming sessions, thesis defense, etc.

This feature is also not limited to just school-related meetings. With face-to-face classes gone for now, students do not have lunch breaks or the little breaks in-between classes to socialize. If it doesn’t conflict with classes, students are allowed to call their classmates, check on them, or have a little chat to take a break from school.

Microsoft Math App

Normal keyboards simply do not have enough keys and shortcuts to accommodate math terms and symbols. Add the Math Input Extension for easy math discussions using camera images, handwriting inputs, and an advanced math keyboard.

To install the Math app, make sure your IT administrator has enabled it and then head to the Apps tab on the left side of Teams and search for “Math”.

Add Apps

As students, you’re going to need other applications for your schoolwork. MS Teams allow users to add apps to their accounts for easy access, and this is not limited to just Microsoft Apps. MS Teams allows access to several sites and apps such as YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. without exiting the program or switching tabs.


This feature might be overlooked but can be very helpful for students. Aside from viewing class schedules, they can utilize the calendar to plan out their other schoolwork. It’s also not just for scheduling meetings or classes. Set a time for finishing assignments, studying for exams or mark the date for the deadline of a research paper. Using Calendar can avoid late or missed submissions, cramming, forgetting to study for a quiz, and other instances that can lower students’ class standing.

These are just a few of the many features that Microsoft Teams offer. Interested in availing of Microsoft products for your school? Learn more here. For more tips, content, and updates, follow our Facebook page. You can also reach out to us via email.