Microsoft Learn: How to Use Microsoft’s Products and Services

Nov 24, 2021
By: Apo Ferrer
Microsoft Learn: How to Use Microsoft’s Products and Services

One of the goals of Microsoft is for people and businesses to realize their full potential, and to transform how they work and communicate through various technologies. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. While these applications have been a staple in education and businesses, Microsoft has more to offer than these four. To get introduced to its other products and services, Microsoft Learn, or simply Learn, was developed. This platform is the easiest way to learn about the services of Microsoft for free.

Personalized Learning

Learn is not just a platform where users consume the same material. People have different careers, experiences, and needs. This is why Learn allows users to filter content based on their role (Educator, Student, Administrator, Business Analyst, etc.), level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), and the product they want to learn (Power BI, Office, 365, Minecraft, Azure, etc.).



To begin consuming Learn’s content, users can either filter content or browse through all offerings to choose a Learning Path. These are collections of modules organized around specific roles or technologies. Finishing a Learning Path means gaining a new understanding of the different aspects of a specific role or technology.

The building blocks of the Microsoft Learn experience are called Modules. These contain a collection of related units, such as articles, videos, and labs. Modules finished also means new acquired skills based on the chosen role and technology.

Units are the small chunks of information in a module. It can be in the form of an interactive activity, learning content, quiz, etc. As the most basic part of the Microsoft Learn structure, units can be finished in just a few minutes.

Microsoft Account

Learn content is accessible even without a Microsoft Account. However, it is encouraged to have one and sign-in when consuming Learn content because of these benefits:

  • Points and achievements - earn trophies when finishing Learning Paths, badges for Modules, and XP for units.
  • Tracking progress on activities
  • Create and share modules
  • Favorites collection – add content to this collection by clicking “Save” on a content page then selecting the “Favorites” selection.
  • Use free Azure resources
  • View personalized recommendations

Start your journey in gaining knowledge and skills in using Microsoft’s products and services through Microsoft Learn.

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